About Us


Welcome to Linya Jewellery!






We are here with our jewelry collections specially designed for women.

Nilay Bayındır, the founder of our brand, founded Linya Jewellery in 2016 by combining her passion for handcrafts with jewelry. The line of our brand is based on the idea of creating fun, personalized, modern and timeless designs.

Nilay Bayındır worked as a designer in a leading textile company in Turkey for many years and used her experience in this field to realize the Linya brand. She started her journey with the special collection she designed with 'Letters and Pearls' with her unique style and has been continuing her journey with design lovers for about 7 years.

According to the seasonal trends, we meticulously handcraft each collection in our own workshop. Our main collection consists of modern and elegant pieces made of timeless materials such as silver and pearls. Our handmade seasonal collections represent the fun and timeless side of our brand by offering colorful and eye-catching alternatives.

Our designs are designed to be worn from day to night, from sports to the beach. We aim to make you feel special with our jewelry that offers a wide range of uses.

Although we are a young brand, we are proud to be present in many of Turkey's leading prestigious stores in a short time. Join the Linya family and pamper yourself with the beauty of our special designs.




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