Tera Long Pearl Necklace

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Tera Long Pearl Necklace The long pearl necklace, which is the most striking piece of this collection, has a special design with sand pearls and baroque pearls. This necklace is not only a piece of jewelry but also a versatile piece that can be used as a waist chain, belt and pendant. Pearl combines elegance and naturalness, making this necklace a standout piece. When used as a waist chain, it emphasizes the elegance of your waist, and when worn as a necklace, it offers an assertive look. Being the most assertive piece of the collection, it offers an option that will always stand out and be with you. It has a story specially designed for assertive and strong women. This necklace, with every detail considered, makes you unique by emphasizing your strong stance and style. This necklace gives you the freedom to express your style by telling a story. Tera Long Pearl Necklace Features: 925 Sterling Silver 22 Carat Gold plated Natural Sand Pearl was used. 2 Baroque Pearls were used. Necklace Length: 1.5 meters Delivery time varies between 3 and 5 business days depending on order density. It is sold individually. Instructions for Use: Cleaning: We recommend using a soft cleaning cloth or special jewelry cleaning cloth to clean your necklace. Avoid using cleaning materials containing harsh and abrasive substances. Storage: We recommend that you keep your necklace in a separate jewelry box or jewelry bag when you are not using it. This will help prevent your Necklace from being scratched or damaged. Also, be careful not to let your jewelry come into contact with other hard objects. Perfume and Chemicals: Avoid direct contact with chemical products such as perfume, lotion and hair spray while using your necklace. Be aware that such chemicals can damage your jewelry. In addition, before removing your necklace, be careful not to use it for activities such as swimming, showering or doing sports. Caution Against Impacts: It is important to protect your necklace from friction or impacts. You may consider taking off your necklace while exercising, carrying heavy items or touching hard surfaces. It is produced by our craftsmen in our own workshop and handcrafted in accordance with quality standards. By following our instructions, you can preserve the beauty of this special necklace for a long time. It is handmade.
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